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StatEL : Counting of a qualitative variable

StatEL offers you possibility to number the components (qualitative or quantitative) of one qualitative variable (cf. beneath). This is a very usefull procedure that will help you to prepare your data in order to work on them with StatEL's tests.

statel counting qualitative variable excel

1 - Launch of counting procedure :

First, StatEL needs you to define nature of the variable to count (qualitative or quantitative) (cf. above), before to specify modalities of the qualitative (coding) variable :

statel counting qualitative variable excel

By default, modalities of the coding variable are "0" and "1". You can remove them by selecting them in the "List of modalities" and by clicking on the "Remove the modality" button. Then, specify one by one each modality of the coding a variable by clicking on "Add a modality".

In this dialog box, you can also specify to display results of descriptive statistic related to variable to number, in each sub-group, by ticking the case.

At last, StatEL requires you to select cells range of coding variable then cells range of the variable tou number. To proceed the selection, you just have to clic on the first cell of your data with the mouse and to stretch until the last cell of your data.

2 - Results of counting procedure :

Results display on a new sheet of your Excel file.

statel counting qualitative variable excel

Your raw data are now classified and ready to be analysed by StatEL's tests.


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