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List of Testimonials from Satisfied Customers of StatEL

"I am completely satisfied with StatEL,[...] everything is explained step by step, it draws graphs, it is very clear."
Medical Department of French Army, PARIS, France

"[...], I am very satisfied of your products and services you offer."
Environment Engineer - MONTREAL, Quebec

"[...], I discovered StatEL softwares of adScience company 2 years ago. This Excel addin is so easy to use. It may be of great value for the non statisticians because we are guided step by step in a proper statistic approach. At last, I would like to point out quickness and efficiency of customers service [...]. As a power user I recommend it deeply."
Research Engineer of INSERM (French Public Health Research) - LYON, France

"[...]. Previously, we used to work with StatView and for my part I won't get back especially fo comprehension of our analyses. Furthermore, I worked with a high school teacher of mathematics [...] who liked very much approach of this software."
Orthopedist Surgeon - GRENOBLE, France

"I am very satisfied of StatEL software. [...] Use of StatEL is extremely simple and pleasant."
Professor in Haematology - PARIS, France

"[...], I was looking for a convivial, easy to use, and reliable statistical software. Previously, I was using StatView and Prism softwares. I have been attracted by StatEL that replied to my expectations through a large set of statistical tests directely accessible from Excel spreadsheet. [...], I have noticed a perfect concordance with statistical results supplied by both Prism and R softwares. [...] I recommend particularly use of StatEL."
Research Engineer of CNRS (French Public Scientific Research) - PARIS, France

Inserm Laboratories (French Public Medical Research) of Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille, Bordeaux...
CNRS Laboratories (French Public Scientific Research) of Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Marseille, Bordeaux, Rennes, Reims, Nice...
Gustave Roussy Institute (Research Center on Cancerology), Paris
Cochin Institute (Research Center on Genetics), Paris
Necker Institute (Research Center on Children Health), Paris
Jacques Monod Institute (Research Center on Biology), Paris
Curie Institute (Research Center on Cancerology), Paris
CEA Laboratories (French Public Nuclear Research) 
INRA Laboratories (French Public Agronomic Research) 
University Laboratories : Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Economy 
Companies of biotechnology, banks, consulting... 
Companies of vocational training
Pharmaceutical Laboratories
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